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Our Story

Elevate Excavation and Development, a dynamic earthworks construction company in the construction industry, had its roots firmly planted by its founder, Brantley McDonald, in 2022. With a childhood deeply intertwined with the excavation world, Brantley’s journey to establishing his own company was both inspired and driven by his family’s legacy.
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A Young Start

Brantley’s connection to excavation was established early in life, thanks to his grandfather’s ownership of an excavation company. From a tender age, Brantley found himself immersed in the world of heavy machinery, developing a passion for operating and working with equipment that would stay with him throughout his life.


As Brantley grew older, his ambitions and skills grew along with him. He embarked on a professional journey, initially joining a renowned excavation company known for its residential and commercial projects. Within the ranks of this company, he honed his craft, acquiring invaluable knowledge and experience that would lay the foundation for his own venture.

Digging Towards Excellence

With his unwavering dedication and a wealth of industry expertise, Brantley took the bold step of establishing Elevate Excavation and Development. From the very beginning, his company’s trajectory was marked by rapid growth and a commitment to excellence. Elevate became a trusted name in both residential and commercial excavation projects, thanks to Brantley’s relentless pursuit of quality and innovation.


Today, Elevate Excavation and Development stands as a testament to Brantley McDonald’s vision, determination, and the enduring influence of his family’s legacy. With a track record of success and a bright future ahead, Elevate continues to elevate the standards of the excavation and development industry, leaving a lasting impact on projects both big and small.

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Our Commitment is Excellence

At Elevate Excavation and Development, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. We firmly believe that our approach sets us apart from the competition in several key ways:
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Site Grading

Large-scale soil removal and precision leveling for robust infrastructure projects.
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Utility Installation

Comprehensive underground utility installations for water, sewer, gas, and electric lines.
Retaining Wall Construction Services

Retaining Walls

Architecturally sound retaining walls for slope management and erosion prevention.
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Foundation and Basements

Expert excavation for foundations and basements in custom homes and commercial buildings.
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